Instructor Workshop with Mikhail Ryabko DVD

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on disc – MP4 format
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Essential study material for sharing Systema with others and for gaining deeper knowledge.
In this exclusive 2003 workshop, Systema founder, Mikhail Ryabko, presents the theory and practice of training and teaching Systema.

Topics include:

  • What mindset to have in class
  • How to sense your students, your setting, and what to teach
  • What to start your training with and how to progress
  • The difference between an instructor and a participant
  • Balance between confidence, pride and encouragement
  • How to engage students, yet not show off
  • Ways to communicate and evaluate students
  • Handling a student with attitude
  • Calming down an uncooperative student without intimidation
  • Assistant instructor, proper teaching and dignity
  • Best age to start training
  • Ways to avoid aggression for kids
  • If your student is a criminal
  • A student with mental or physical illness
  • Working against a bigger opponent
  • Controlling the class with your voice
  • Who to choose for demonstrations
  • How to teach strikes and protect yourself from rebound
  • Strikes – surface to deep, subtle, internal, proper dosage
  • Importance of breathing, pushes, use of legs, controlling the attacker’s space
  • Fluid knife disarming, rhythm, effectiveness and fullness of movement
  • Theory and practice – the extent to which skill is needed for a teacher and ways to perfect it

1 hour 3 min

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