Infinite Jiu-jitsu 5: Top Mount Finishes, Half Guard Passes and Hook Flips DVD by Carlos Machado

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The top mount and the half guard are common situations after a reversal. In this set Carlos Machado will go over the techniques that matter when one ends up there. Through chokes and armbar set ups from the mount to powerful half guard passes, students will learn how to follow up after a successful reversal or submission attempt from the guard. The session will be completed with a series of hook flip reversals. Some of the techniques you will see during this lesson are:

* How to keep the mount
* How to set up chokes
* Powerful key locks
* The double attack
* Counter to hook on the shin
* The "Perosh Flip"
* Hook flip against the sprawl

70 min.

Customer Reviews

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Erick Moreno Garcia
Twenty stars out of five!!

Twenty stars out of five!!! One of the best if not the best BJJ instructional I've seen. Carlos's a living statement about the technical proficiency of his family and when it comes to explain and demonstrate the subtleties of the techniques you can clearly see he's a very gifted player. A bit pricey though, but if you can afford to buy it, you won't regret it. Highly recommended.