Infinite Jiu-jitsu 4: Science of the Shoulder Lock DVD by Carlos Machado

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This shoulder lock is a devestating submission, a must in any dangerous guard. This set will reveal not only the shoulder lock set up, but also the entire aspect from starting the position to different ways to finish it. Students will learn several strategies in how to prevent possible escapes and how to recover a lost position. Against low and high stances, roll overs and lifts, your shoulder lock will rock your opponent into submission. Some of the techniques also included on this session are:

* "The Flat Leg" finish
* Wrist lock finish
* Roll over prevention
* Reversal to armbar
* Recovery after a roll over
* Shoulder lock crucifix
* Reversals using hooks and plier pressure

84 min.

Customer Reviews

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Erick Moreno Garcia
One of the best

Twenty stars out of five!!! One of the best if not the best BJJ instructional I've seen. Carlos's a living statement about the technical proficiency of his family and when it comes to explain and demonstrate the subtleties of the techniques you can clearly see he's a very gifted player. A bit pricey though, but if you can afford to buy it, you won't regret it. Highly recommended.