Infinite Jiu-jitsu 3: Armbar and Kimura Game DVD by Carlos Machado

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The armbar and kimura are some of the most powerful submissions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In this set, Carlos Machado teaches a comprehensive approach to succeed in attacking the arm from the guard. Students will see hands-on description on how to secure and accomplish the armlock from several angles. Through a series of scenarios, Carlos will explain the steps it takes to make your technique virtually inescapable. Some of the techniques also included during this lesson are:

* Pitfalls to avoid
* The Americana squeeze
* How to release grips
* Finish in several angles
* The "V Grip"
* Kimura set ups
* Ways to defeat the opponent's reaction

75 min.

Customer Reviews

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John Valentine
I loved this DVD because of how detailed

I loved this DVD because of how detailed it is. It's geared towards what to do in route of your attack. Many instructionals focus on how to apply the technique but not really so much on how your opponent will react. But this DVD covers both sides of the coin. Maintaining the control of the arms while defending and attacking and transitioning into other attacks using your opponents reactions against them. I can go on and on about how great this DVD is but you have to see how great this is for yourself. BUY IT!!!

Erick Moreno Garcia
Carlos's a living statement

Twenty stars out of five!!! One of the best if not the best BJJ instructional I've seen. Carlos's a living statement about the technical proficiency of his family and when it comes to explain and demonstrate the subtleties of the techniques you can clearly see he's a very gifted player. A bit pricey though, but if you can afford to buy it, you won't regret it. Highly recommended.