Incredible & Unusual Karate Techniques DVD by Hoshimi Asai

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Running through the sky like a dragon.
Stepping on the ground like a tiger.

"This woman's martial arts are real."
(From "Taku Musashi Channel")

2.6 million views, 24,000 likes on her YouTube channel! (As of February 2011)
Hoshimi Asai is a female martial artist who has become a hot topic on YouTube.

Actress and successor of legendary karate ryuha, finally has her own DVD!

After being active in the strongest karate organization under the legendary karate master Tetsuhiko Asai who contributed to the spread of karate overseas.
Seiko Asai, Asai Ryufuken karate, who attracted attention with his technique.

A whip fist that combines speed and power and a phantasmagoric kick technique
Seiko Asai will carefully explain the training method and practical examples.

Language: Japanese

Run Time: 62 min.


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William Wilson
extreme flexibility

An educational presentation on how to develop the whip-like techniques for which Asai karate is famous.