I learn Krav-Maga Book 1 Yellow Belt Program by Richard Douieb

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Several thousands of people are now learning the successful martial art of Krav-Maga all around Europe. They are men and women, old or young. Richard Douieb is working hard to protect the richness and ethics of the teaching of Imi Lichtenfeld, the founder of the Krav-Maga who was his master and his friend.
In order to allow the largest number of people to discover how efficient the techniques of Krav-Maga are, the determined ambassador of this method of close combat (krav-maga in Hebrew) worked on drafting an official technical program for each belt.

You are about to discover the first volume of this technical book collection which already exists in DVD for every belt level.
"I learn Krav-Maga: yellow belt " will allow you to understand the fundamental techniques through some series of detailed pictures and practical advice.
Basic stances, punches, kicks, nudges, moving, dodging, strike combos… you will get to know everything about the required techniques to fully deserve your yellow belt which is the only level recognized by the official authorities from now on.

Yellow belt program:

  • Falls
  • Guard stances
  • Direct punches
  • Nudges
  • Different strikes
  • Kicks
  • Shadow boxing
  • Using common objects
  • Outside defenses
  • Strike combinations
  • Choke from the front defense
  • Choke from behind defense
  • Different releases
  • Using common objects

Richard Douieb is a security expert and has a great experience in different boxing styles. More than that, he has been the first one to promote Krav-Maga in France and in Europe by introducing a simple and very complete teaching, just like the fighting method created by Imi Lichtenfeld. Richard Douieb is aware of protecting the ethics of his art which is sometimes misshaped by aggressive or militaristic speeches, and he never stops developing Krav-Maga with a team of teachers he personally trained for the most part. These teachers followed the adequate training and are authorized to award the official belts and ranks. This is a guarantee of seriousness strongly appreciated by the students, for whom self-defense is also the opportunity to discover a proper teaching in a friendly atmosphere...

Language: English

Length: 96 pages

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