Advanced Hwa Rang Sul 2 DVD Set With Jesse Lechuga

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Jesse has done "deep" security work for U.S. presidents and many of the "rich and famous" people you see in headlines every day. He trains bodyguards and "top school" security forces.

While is work with Marine "Recon" units (which operate much like Army LRRP frontline combat units) is still a classified secret to most people... he's earned worldwide fame among cops for their work with elite "rapid response" gang control units (hand-to-hand, weapons, tactical). In fact they have earned the greatest "award" a gang can offer anyone in law enforcement getting "Marked" for death!

It's a sign of respect that gangs want Jesse dead. It's a sign of fear, though, that no gang member has had the guts to follow through with the threat.

This modified system while based on a Korean style called Hwa Rang Sul - has proven so valuable in real-world combat that several Marine special units and huge metro police gang units have trained in it almost exclusively.

DVD 1: Hand to Hand

DVD 2: Improvised Weapons & The Clave

183 min