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Hiko Ryu Kodachi DVD with Koshiro Tanaka

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The Martial Art Pursuit of Koshiro Tanaka: Nisshi Ryu

In 1979, the former Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, sparking a nationwide resistance movement. Organized soldiers formed guerrilla groups known as Mujahideen. Koshiro Tanaka traveled to Afghanistan to aid them, teaching martial arts and fighting alongside the guerrillas against the overwhelming Soviet forces. Journalists around the world hailed him as "Afghanistan's Samurai" in recognition of his actions.

For decades since, without rest, Koshiro Tanaka has diligently refined his martial arts skills, continuing to train day after day. He named his martial art Nisshi Ryu, after Mount Hikosan in his hometown of Tagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture. The name embodies his desire to pass down the spirit and techniques of Japanese martial arts and the Yamato spirit (Yamato Damashii) to future generations.

The Kodachi (short sword) is the final weapon he carries. It is a sword of determination, willing to sacrifice oneself and defeat the opponent even if it means striking simultaneously. It incorporates the elements of Iaijutsu (sword drawing techniques) to catch opponents off guard. Ultimately, it is also a weapon for committing seppuku (ritual suicide).


Stance (Kamae)

  • Seigan (Correct) / Gedan (Lower Level) / Chudan (Middle) / Jodan (Upper Level) / Hassho (Eight Directions) / Tsuki (Thrust) / Waki (Side)

Practice Swings (Suburi) Group Practice Swings (Kumi Suburi) Drawing Techniques (Nuki)

  • Seigan / Kyu (Urgent) / Kotote Otoshi (Wrist Drop) / Kashima / Isshin (One Heart) / Tsuki (Thrust) / Hizan (Spleen) / Kishin (Spirit) / Ikikai (Coming and Going) / Soshu (Double Neck) / Rekaeshi (Reversal)

Group Katana (Kumi Dachi)

  • Miichi (One Body) / Mi Nuke (Body Exit) / Mune Awa (Ridge Meeting)

Patriot Stick (Shishi Bo) Short Sword (Tanto) Unarmed (Muto)

  • Kan Gedan (Dry Lower) / Sarubi (Monkey Arm) / Kizen (Front of Machine) / Jisatsu Hiji Mawari (Suicide Elbow Twist)

[Video Bonus] Interview with Koshiro Tanaka


Koshiro Tanaka

  • Born in 1940 in Tagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Engaged in martial arts from a young age, starting with karate at the age of 12, followed by rigorous training in various martial arts. Between 1985 and 1990, fought alongside Afghan guerrillas "Mujahideen" against the former Soviet army. In 1991, succeeded as the 2nd generation head of Fujiryu Taijutsu. Retired as the head of Fujiryu in 2007. In 2009, established Nisshi Ryu to preserve and pass on his martial arts and spiritual teachings. Master of Nisshi Ryu self-defense techniques and Kodachi.

Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Run time: 85 min.


Hiko Ryu Kodachi DVD with Koshiro Tanaka - Budovideos Inc

Hiko Ryu Kodachi DVD with Koshiro Tanaka

Regular price $39.95 USD
Regular price $59.00 USD Sale price $39.95 USD