Hiden Budo & Bujutsu Magazine Aug 2024

Hiden Budo & Bujutsu Magazine Aug 2024

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This issue of Hiden includes articles on:

The pinnacle of Koryu martial arts -
Go on the path to a "martial arts body" pioneered by Shinbukan's Kuroda Tetsuzan!


The great star of Koryu martial arts, soar!

Kuroda Tetsuzan
The secrets of a "martial arts body" are eternal!

◎Chapter 1: The trajectory of the "martial arts body" that "Monthly Hiden" has walked together
"Proof of the potential of Kuroda Tetsuzan"
◎Chapter 2: Special contribution from Master Kono Yoshinori
"Messages from the masters of "Hiden"
◎Chapter 3: Shinbukan disciples talk about our master Kuroda Tetsuzan
"The world of the secrets of "disappearing movements"
◎Chapter 4: A martial arts legacy handed down to his successor Kuroda Yasumasa
"A legacy of "lightning speed"
◎Chapter 5: The courageous figure of a master who lives forever

Front page interview: This month's "Hiden na Hito"!

Master Kenichi Nagata, second head of Daido Juku

From the pursuit of the "blow to knock down" to the pursuit of the "principle of the body" (Part 1)

Special projects and series

●Taira Naoyuki: The connection between softness and aiki that he discovered while appearing on "Meikyou Shisui"!

Yanagi's aiki and Matsukaze's spirit: "The secret of quick fire" that combines yin and yang

●[New bimonthly series] Master Takeshi Ogawa demonstrates and explains the essence of the master's sword style and sword technique, directly taught to him by the son of "sword saint" Nakayama Hiromichi!

"Direct teachings of Nakayama Zendo" Commentary on "Dai Nippon Teikoku Kendo Kata"

●[Special roundtable discussion by Keishinkai] "Medical Kyudoists" talk about their views on life and death in the field. How should we live?

"Bow and life" (Part 1) The true form and function of the body

●"Ishin Seiwa" at Narashino Seiryu Cave

Secret teachings of Shinobi - A practical training book on Shinobido! (Final episode) "Ninja and Acting"

●Tenyo-ryu Jujitsu Mokkei-juku, Head Master Masashi Kakimoto

Learn the "middle" of softness through "kata"!

●[Special Discussion] Naoto Nakamura x Yasuo Hidaka

Experience the importance of "stretching"! How to develop a supple and strong body

●Kure Renshi Roshi comes to Japan for the first time in 5 years! Wu-shi Kaimen Bajiquan Seminar
The Basics and Applications of the Secret Weapon "Bakontou"

●Aikikai Foundation
61st All Japan Aikido Demonstration Tournament Techniques that Increase in Skill with Age

●Shubudo Koyama Takahide Hayashizaki Shinmuso-ryu Iai/Bokuden-ryu Sword Training Seminar in Sendai Special Report
"Shin! Tsugaru Sword" Michinoku South Training Trip

○Kankoji-ryu Jujutsu Founder Yasue Kunio
Breaking new ground in martial arts and combat sports! "CHUCK-Arts"

○ Hideo Takaoka, Sports Science Research Institute
The science of martial arts creates a super evolution in sports

○ Yusuke Sasaki
A master's body analysis "Kagetake-ryu, Hiroki Amemiya"

○ International Suigetsu-juku Martial Arts Association, Jun Osano
The secrets of the Atemi-Katsu-Katsu method in Koryu Jujitsu

○ Dialogue between Shiro Omiya and Nobuyuki Hirakami
The history of Aiki-jujutsu and the secrets of martial arts "Taisho Edition"

○ Tetsuya Ishikawa (All Japan Spear Fighting Federation)
Restoration and revival of the lost "flower of the battlefield" spear fighting

○ Akira Hino "A martial artist's walking journal"

○ Tatsuhiko Yano "Revolutionize your body with ancient Japanese Namba jutsu!"

○ Secret journal

Language: Japanese

Hiden Budo & Bujutsu Magazine Aug 2024

Hiden Budo & Bujutsu Magazine Aug 2024

Regular price $12.99 USD
Regular price $19.00 USD Sale price $12.99 USD

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