Hida Shiki Kyoken Jutsu Practical Methods DVD by Takahisa Tomita

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The right way of breaking methods and correct movement.A practice central to Hida Shiki kyoken Jutsu,is training for the purpose of acquiring the center.Hida Shiki Kyoken Jutsu isn't simply a method of manipulating the body.It's a method of developing pysical and mental abilities that extends to all day life.You'll demonstrate and activated life force naturally in your daily life.

・Three Major Factors in Acquiring the Sei Chushin (Absolute Center)
・Naizo Soren Ho (Methods for Training the Internal Organs) Breathing Methods
 /Fukuatsu Zoshin Ho (Method of Promoting Abdominal Pressure)/Kyokaku Kakucho Ho (Ribs Expansion
Method)/Fukukyo Shiki Kokyu Ho (Chest and Abdominal Breathing Method) /Naizo Soren Ho (Methods
for Training the Internal Organs)/Gyoga Shiki Chushin Renma Ho (Method of Training Center of the
body on the ground) Holy Cross Style
・Principles of Kan'i Kyoken Jutsu
・The Movement of Kan'i Kyoken Jutsu
 Movement No.1: Calf Muscles Training Method
 Movement No. 2: Femoral Biceps Training Method
 Movement No. 3: Quadriceps Training Method/Quadriceps Training Method (female)
Movement No. 4: Oblique Abdominals Training Method
 Movement No. 5: Latissimus Dorsi Training Method
 Movement No. 6: Pectorals Training Method
 Movement No. 7: Deltoids Training Method
 Movement No. 8: Triceps Training Method
 Movement No. 9: Biceps Training Method
 Movement No. 10: Forearm Training Method
 Movement No. 11: Method of Striking the Three Bones
・Training of Kan'i Kyoken Jutsu


Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Run time: 106 min.


Customer Reviews

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Another great DVD on Hida method

This material builds on the knowledge of the Introduction DVD. Excellent information very well and clear presented.
Dual images for better understanding, attention to detail in explanation and demonstration is impressive.
Looking forward to more materials from Tomita sensei, a book in English is definitely welcomed.
Budovideos is Budo best!
Thank you