Hayastan Grappling by Gokor Chivichyan (On Demand)

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The Hayastan Grappling System combines elements of Judo, Sambo, JuJitsu, and Greco Roman and Freestyle Wrestling. The system includes all forms of submissions, including leglocks, heel hooks, footlocks, kneebars, shoulder locks, wrist locks, neck cranks, body cranks, and chokes. Filmed at the 2007 Paradise Warrior Retreat, founder and expert trainer Gokor Chivichyan teaches a wide variety of submissions rarely seen elsewhere.

1. Hip movement training drills
2. Butterfly guard knee compression
3. Straight ankle lock counter
4. Straight ankle lock
5. Rolling toehold from half guard
6. Guillotine transition to neck crank (Manny Gamburyan)
7. Single leg takedown counter to armbar
8. Single leg takedown counter to americana
9. Toehold from half guard on bottom
10. Drop seoi nage to inverted heel hook (Karren Darabedyan)
11. Kata guruma to inverted heel hook (Karren Darabedyan)
12. Guard recovery from side control
13. Armbar from guard when opponent stands up
14. Shoulder lock/Toehold variation
15. Pendulum Sweep to mount
16. Hip bump sweep & armbar from guard
17. Secret to finishing the kimura
18. Countering opponents guard recovery with an inverted heel hook
19. Endless variations 
20. Bonus


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benjamin obannon

Top notch grappling video.


great variety