Hanbo Short Staff of the Ninja DVD with Todd Norcross

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Join Ninjutsu Instructor Todd Ryotoshi Norcross and some of The Dojo’s Black Belt teachers as they guide you through the basics of the versatile stick/short staff.

On this disc:

Why the Hanbo?
Strengths and Weaknesses of the Hanbo
Basic Hanbo Kamae (Stances)
Several Powerful Strikes
Basic Budo Footwork and Distancing

Hanbo Techniques Included on this disc:
Tsuke Iri
Koshi Ori
Katate Uchi
Tsuki Otoshi
Uchi Waza
Nagare Dori
Kasumi Gake
Iki Chigai
Kao Kudaki
Ate Kaeshi
Saka Otoshi

51 Minute Instructional DVD

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