Gozo Shioda - 1962 Footage DVD (Yoshinkan) - Budovideos Inc

Gozo Shioda - 1962 Footage DVD (Yoshinkan)

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Aikido: The Essence of Japan’s Martial Arts – A Classic Film from 1962
Japan has a long history of exceptional martial arts. Aikido, as a comprehensive and refined martial art, represents the pinnacle of these traditions and is a cultural heritage worthy of global pride. This DVD is a digitized version of the 1962 film "Aikido," originally created to promote Yoshinkan Aikido and preserve this traditional Japanese martial art for future generations. Directed by the renowned period film director Minoru Ishiyama, and produced and planned by Yuro Sashida, this film is a valuable piece of historical documentation.

This DVD includes the complete film "Aikido," showcasing the beauty and strength of Yoshinkan Aikido through various demonstrations and teachings. It features Gozo Shioda, the head of Yoshinkan Aikido, along with prominent instructors and special guest appearances by celebrated figures of the time. The film was a significant effort to introduce and disseminate Aikido's principles and techniques, aiming to solidify its place in the martial arts world and cultural heritage.

About the Film
The film captures the elegance and effectiveness of Aikido, a martial art that integrates various traditional Japanese martial techniques into a unified discipline. It was produced with the intention of educating the public and preserving the art for future generations, featuring high-quality demonstrations and expert instruction.

Akishiro Kudo
Kiichi Minami

Special Guest Appearances:
Takashi Tatsuno
Shiro Ozaki
Mitsunojo Bando
Saburo Tenryu

Yoshinkan Dojo Head:
Gozo Shioda

Hatsutaro Sugii
Seiko Terada
Tadayoshi Matsuo
Shigeho Tanaka

Assistant Instructors:
J.B. Cunningham
Yoji Kushida
Kyoichi Inoue

Takashi Saito
Kyoko Otsuka
Hisae Kamata
Emiko Yotsumoto

Title Calligraphy:
Shiro Ozaki

Planning and Production:
Yuro Sashida

Language: Japanese

Length: 27 min.


Gozo Shioda - 1962 Footage DVD (Yoshinkan) - Budovideos Inc

Gozo Shioda - 1962 Footage DVD (Yoshinkan)

Regular price $39.95 USD
Regular price $59.00 USD Sale price $39.95 USD