Goju Ryu Technical Series Part 2 DVD by Morio Higaonna

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Morio Higaonna is widely regarded by karate instructors of all styles as the ultimate Goju Ryu practitioner. In addition to being incredibly strong and a superb karate technician, he is a scholar of his art as we have seen from the publication of his book recently. I don't think that there was another choice for the author of this particular video, nor would I have wanted to review it if their had been. This should not be taken as anything other than an indication of how much I enjoy watching Morio Higaonna "at work," as it were.
The benefits of Sanchin training--physical strength, body development, striking power--can only be realized if the kata is practised correctly. Each movement must be precisely performed and harmonized with the performer's breathing. When this is achieved, the latent power of the body can be awakened and harnessed, and the power of Sanchin experienced. Morio Higaonna's performance of Sanchin is superb; his demonstration of Sanchin testing procedures excellent, and his remarkable lecture, truly profound.

58 min.