Goju Ryu Karate-Do Araga Dojo DVD

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        * From the parallel standing to a seriate piercing
        * From the bending forward standing to a seriate piercing
        * KERI then and there
        * Chudan gyaku TSUKI
        * Continuousness of TSUKI and KERI
        * Zigzag Attack
        * Kicking
        * KUMITE not applied
        * Attacks by Cyudan Tsuki
        * Free KUMITE for 30 seconds
        * Independent practice
        * Guiding Principle
        * Guide in classroom
        * The World championships of ARAGA sibling - no cutting edition

Eldest daughter of two successive victories of the World Karate Championships.
19-years old All Japan Champion's eldest son.
The secret of strength of the strongest elder sister and younger brother was thorough speed training.

Language: Japanese 

Run Time: 110 min.