Going Upside Down: A Beginner's Guide to Inverting for BJJ DVD by Budo Jake

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 In "Going Upside Down" Gracie Barra black belt Budo Jake teaches the very basics of learning how to invert. While inverting is very common in "modern jiu-jitsu" as a way to attack and sweep (berimbolo), not many instructors are able to break it down into a way that beginners can understand. With his vast training experience, Jake shows a variety of drills that will make you more comfortable inverting as a way to not only improve your guard recovery, but also to make your jiu-jitsu training more fun. "Going Upside Down" starts out as Jake does commentary over high level competitors using inversions in competition and then he gives you plenty of drills to work on by yourself and with a partner. 

About Budo Jake: Jake is a black belt under Carlos Gracie Jr and has travelled the globe training with many of the top athletes and instructors. His other instructional releases are "The Reverse Kimura" & "Effective Wristlocks for BJJ".


1 Inversion concept
2 BJJ match analysis
3 Precautions
4 Solo inversion drill
5 Partner inversion drill (holding ankle)
6 Partner inversion drill (not holding ankle)
7 Partner inversion drill (roll around)
8 Partner inversion drill (dynamic)
9 Partner inversion drill (holding pant)
10 Partner inversion drill (holding both pants)
11 Forward roll 1
12 Forward roll 2
13 Back roll
14 Granby roll (stay on top)
15 Granby roll (roll to guard)
16 Partner Inversion & Granby drill
17 Invert & recover full guard drill
18 Invert & recover half guard drill
19 No grip invert & recover drill
20 Conclusion 


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
John Kaplan
Going Upside Down

Great drills for building endurance in jiu-jitsu!

Gene Pak
Good drills good instruction

Clear explanation of how to incorporate drilling to make your inversions better. Learned a lot!

Going Upside Down

Glad that a DVD was released solely on these techniques. I had been quite hesitant to add inverting to my game. After doing some of the drills in the video it has helped me immensely. Highly recommend.

Bruce Bookman
Going Upside Down

In Going Upside Down, Jake leads the viewer through a series of solo and partner drills, giving the student a step-by-step approach to doing inversions and preventing opponents from passing guard. I found it very useful in adding fluidity and sophistication to my half guard and open guard game. Going Upside Down is an excellent primer for learning and simplifying the complexities of doing inversions. I've been practicing the drills on this DVD and have already seen more fluidity in my game. I highly recommend it.
Bruce Bookman
Aikido 6th Dan
Gracie Barra Black Belt

K Dillon

For me this instructional was a game changer. Jake is an excellent teacher, breaking things down into simple terms. It's not full of flashy submissions but is way more useful.