Ginastica Natural for Fighters DVD Vol 1 by Alvaro Romano

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Ginástica Natural combines the techniques of stretching, flexibility and respiration of hatha-yoga, the ground movements of jiu-jitsu, and the natural movements of the human body. Idealized by Alvaro Romano, it is a revolutionary method of physical conditioning that has an objective of developing physical qualities associated with motor and mental skills. Romano elaborated a methodology for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students.

In this revolutionary and limited DVD set, you will learn the main exercises of Ginstica Natural applied in most of Brazilian fighters focusing on martial arts conditioning.
It has more than 15 exercises to help you in your physical and mental condition.
There are exercises for warm-up, strength and outside areas such as pull up bar, which can be practiced before competitions, trainings, etc.
A class with black-belt in BJJ and founder of Ginastica Natural: Alvaro Romano.

Customer Reviews

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I agree with Ms.Chan over priced.

I agree with Ms.Chan over priced.

good dvd we do these exercises after class as a cool down.

good dvd we do these exercises after class as a cool down.

It has relatively good content.

chowyun bob, I would have to agree with Ms. Chan. As you even mentioned, the nice settings are on the other DVDs and NOT THIS ONE. It has relatively good content. Although, the cover is misleading.

anthony alfreda
Tons of info, lots of great exercises

Tons of info, lots of great exercises. If you could follow everything in here you would be/are in great shape. And yes he does a lot stuff on hard floors, but that doesnt mean you cant do it on the mat...

All of Romano's dvds are great

The review above is bull...All of Romano's dvds are great...the nice settings are on one of the other dvds, so sorry Ms. Chan...each dvd takes you farther, so spring for the others and stop complaining...and start working out.