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German Neck Humiliation 2 DVD Set with Bjorn Friedrich

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In this video series you will learn a unique and very effective way of controlling your opponent from the Guard using your legs. You will see how to break your opponents posture and control his neck. From there you can move into different submissions or transitions into other dominant positions like the Mount or Back Mount Position.
The German Neck Humiliation system is a unique and "outside of the box“ addition to your Guard game and can easily added to your existing gameplan to give you a few unexpected "surprises“ for your opponent.

Volume 1:
What is the German Neck Humiliation System?
The basic entry into Leg 100%
Floating Clamp Guard into Leg 100%
Side Guard into Leg 100%
Oma Plata into Leg 100%
"Quick Sweep“ to Kimura
"Quick Sweep“ to rolling Kimura
Leg 100% to Kimura
Leg 100% to Triangle Choke

Volume 2:
Leg 100% to Back Take I
Leg 100% to Americana
Leg 100% to Back Take II
Leg Nelson to Mount Position
Leg Nelson to Neck Crank
Leg Nelson to Guillotine
Leg Nelson to Hammerlock
Leg Nelson to Back Take
Leg 100% vs. Defensive Opponent (Rolling Kimura)
Leg 100% vs. Defense Opponent II (Straight Armbar)

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