Georgian Grip Series by Vladislav Koulikov (On Demand)

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There are many ways to grab your opponent in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo or Sambo. One of the most effective grips is the Georgian Grip. This belt grip, popularized by Judo athletes from the former Soviet state of Georgia, is demonstrated here by Sambo master of sport and BJJ & Judo black belt Vladislav Koulikov.

Part 1: Throws with belt grip 

1 Intro
2 Obtaining the grip (three ways)
3 Inside trip
4 Back trip
5  Sweeping hip throw
6 Hip throw
7 Winding throw
8 Hiki Komi gaeshi
9 Foot prop
10 Georgian pick up
11 Sacrifice roll
12 Inverted body lock throw

Part 2: Counters and ground work with Georgian grip
1 Intro
2 Lateral revolution vs Georgian grip
3 Foot prop vs GG
4 Duck under suplex vs GG
5 High crotch vs GG
6 Addressing landing with GG
7 Mounting with GG
8 Georgian arm bar (plus options)
9 Hip spring guard sweep
10 Single leg X to ankle lock
11 Rolling kneebar
12 Outro

About Vladislav Koulikov:

Vladislav Koulikov is a renowned Sambo practitioner, and teacher. An expert martial artist, Vlad holds the rank of “Master of Sport” in Sambo, the rank of 2nd dan in Judo, and is a 2017 Combat Wrestling world champion. Vlad’s success is impart due to his open-minded philosophy which he calls “Sambo Fusion”, blending what works best from Sambo and Jiu Jitsu. As a youth, Vlad trained at the prestigious Sambo-70 Academy in Moscow, Russia and now teaches out of New Jersey. He has previously produced a 3 volume series titles Sambo Fusion with Budovideos.



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