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Fuji Ryu Taijutsu DVD with Koshiro Tanaka & Atsushi Shirakawa

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Fuji Ryu Taijutsu is an art completely dedicated to achieve real effectiveness in no-barriers combat, but its basic essentials are extracted from the Japanese martial tradition: Maximum efficiency with minimum effort, total capacity and correct attitude, limitless commitment to the art, complete development of the practitioner's personality. Taijutsu is decisive and devastating, as well as elegant and simple.

Master Koshiro Tanaka is the world wide soke of Fuji Ryu. His strong personality, fine character and fighting skills, have granted Tanaka the highest recognition and respect within the martial community, not only in Japan, but all over the world. Soke has guided personally the apprenticeship and evolution in the art of his favorite pupil - Atsushi Shirakawa. Mr. Shirakawa has been practicing under Tanaka's direction for the past 20 years and currently holds the title of shihan.

An illuminating work for practitioners of Japanese martial arts. Karate men will find new ways to put to use their fighting skills. Aikido people will meet up again with the basic concepts of their art in a different and most practical version. Judoka will discover a complete style that solves every possible situation in a realistic manner, not limited to sports.

Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French