Filipino Martial Arts: Inosanto System DVD by Joaquin Almeria

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In this action pack video you will see the Principles and Concepts which make Dan Inosanto´s Filipino martial art style the most famous and dynamic in the world. Joaquin Almeria, instructor at the Dan Inosanto Academy in Los Angeles, brings us the exercises to promote the famous "attribuites" so much spoken about.This video covers the major categories which are practiced: empty hand, two hands, single stick, double sticks, sword, double swords, daggers knives... Guro Almeria, in conjunction with Spanish respresentatives, demonstrate how to correctly execute these techniques, for example, when one is unarmed and is attacked by someone using a knife... Co-ordination and fighting technique are shown.This video is a must for all F.M.A. amateur and a way to globally see the martial arts that is characteristic of Bruce Lee´s Jeet Kune Do. Take advantage of this authentic Kali as is taught at the Dan Inosanto Academy in Los Angeles.

Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French