Filipino Boxing 3 DVD Set by Ron Balicki

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In this DVD series you will learn the traditional Filipino boxing method using empty hands instead of gloves. Developed during the heyday of bare-knuckle boxing, it has surprised and confounded the traditional "western style" boxer for more than a century. This is because it is not just a fist-oriented art, it teaches you how to use your whole body to subdue or drive off an attacker. These instructional DVD's will take you where no other video boxing training has attempted to go before. Whether you're a novice or experienced fighter, this video series has something of great value for you.
Ron Will Teach You:
Basic On Guard Stances
Footwork Methods and Drills
30 Different Punching Methods, Including Ron's Famous Long Range Uppercut
Multiple Kicking, Kneeing and Elbow Techniques
Basic to Advanced Defense with Special Emphasis on Attacking and Destroying Incoming Punches and Kicks Using your Fists, Elbows, Knees and Feet. (Worth the price of the series for this instruction alone!)
Filipino Trapping Hand Drills - Single Hand & Double Hand
Multiple Kicking Flow Drills
Filipino Wrestling/Submission Grappling - Joint/Lock Combinations

Customer Reviews

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Excellent resource

This is an excellent resource for anyone already training in FMA or someone interested in adding the "street fighting" elements inherent to Panatukan to their existing Martial Arts skill set.
I've been training Martial Arts for almost 50yrs and Panatukan for half of that time. I picked up some great drills and learning/teaching points from this library of technique.
Of course Ron Balicki knows his stuff. He is Guru Dan Inosanto's son in law after all

Ron's series is very good

Ron's series is very good. It presents the boxing of Kali in a very workable format. Whereas I think he's overly reliant on his MMA background, and has heavily flavored the empty hands with it, it shows this style in a different light that gives it a unique flavor from other empty hand videos on Kali.

kris paragas

AWESOME video!Everything you need is in this.Much respect and admiration for Ron

Martin Yalcin
Awesome Stuff!!

Awesome Stuff!!
Great Work by Ron Balicki!!