Fight to Win 2 DVD Set with Jim West

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The man you want to trust, with not only your life, but lives of those that you care about is Jim West. He's hushed a room full of hard-drinking brawlers with a simple (yet utterly devastating) brush of his hand. He sent three of the guys to the hospital before he even put his beer down! He's walked through machine-gun fire to manhandle armed terrorists like they were rag dolls. He quelled a knife-wielding attacker, stitched up his own knife-wounds with purple sewing thread, and went back to his friends to finish the conversation. (All true and witnessed!)

Here's just a taste of what Jim West offers you:

-The nastiest streetfighting "tricks" you'll ever need!
-How to pinpoint the number one knockout target on your opponent.
-The perfect way to hold your hand when striking... for maximum "bite" and accuracy.
-Balancing secrets that allow you to move quickly and never risk being knocked down!
-The four "basics" of punching that are absolutely crucial in a streetfight.
-An exact "map" of target areas on your opponent.
-Special "stomp" and low line kicks you can use today that will drop Attilla the Hun like a sack of potatoes.
-How to exploit the Time Lapse weakness of the most brutal streetfighters.
-How to beat trained boxers, wrestlers, and karate experts with the simplest little bag of tricks you could ever imagine.
-The "no more talk" signals of a streetfighter who is about to strike.
-" Finishing blows " that guarantee the fight is over!
- And more!