Andre Galvao Favorite Moves Gi 3 DVD Set (Preowned)

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Proven in competition! Take your game to the next level with the details you will learn from this set. 

DVD #1

1. Lotus Flower Sweep
2. Lotus Flower Sweep - to Arm Bar
3. Lotus Flower Sweep - to Back
4. Rolling Kimura
5. Rolling Kimura - to Arm Bar
6. Rolling Kimura - to Lucha Libre Choke
7. Rolling Kimura from Half Guard Top
8. Rolling Kimura - Countering Single Leg

DVD #2

1. Reverse De La Riva Sweep
2. Reverse De La Riva to Y-Guard Sweep
3. Reverse DeLa Riva - Spin to Back
4. Ko Uchi Gari
5. Seoi Nage
6. Single Leg Counter
7. Single Leg Counter to Arm Bar

DVD #3

1. Going to Mount from Half Guard
2. Cross Choke from Mount
3. Wrist Lock from Side Control
4. Deep Half Guard Killer
5. Deep Half Guard Killer - to Crucifix
6. Passing Reverse DeLa Riva (to North / South Choke)
7. Passing Reverse De La Riva Variation

Customer Reviews

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Jorge Barbosa Raymundo
Great Tools

I congratulate professor Andre Galvao, for the amazing DVD sets, very well instructed .
Great tools for who want improve your BJJ, well recommend.
Thank you
Jorge Draga Australia.

keith romer
Should he have five stars.

Its hard to rate him higher but I am new at reviewing and wish budo Jake would help give some insight on how we rate. I am a black belt under Valente Brothers. We do not train for competition. Andre excels at instruction. he moves many times so the view can see the angles. The timing of instruction was good. i.e. pace. like I said i am holding back a star only because I am new at reviewing. Come on Jake help me out here.