Expert of Match DVD 14 -Inertial Load Kumite, Victory with Principle of Pendulum

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1. Swinging the body

  • Swinging the Arm (swing both hands to the left and right)
  • Swing the shoulder
  • Use the neck to swing the upper body sideways
  • Use the neck to swing the upper body to the front and back
  • Swing the lower extremity with the neck as the point of support

2. Swing and dodge

  • Use the shoulder to get in the Maai
  • Cut the Maai with the shoulder
  • Dodge with the neck
  • Swing the lower extremity and match the Maai

3. Preparatory Training for Keri

  • Shifting with the internal/external rotation of the hip joints
  • Rotate while holding up the knee
  • Swinging up the leg (doing Keri when getting ready for an opponent)
  • Holding up using a chair

[Practical Applications]

4. Extending Jodan Tsuki

  • Rotate the arm and do Tsuki (rotate the arm once and launch the hand)
  • Do Tsuki with Agezuki

5. Chudan Tsuki that tricks to be Jodan

6. Tilt the upper body and strike a counter

  • Sway backward to evade an opponent attack
  • Do Tsuki while tilting the upper body
  • Tilt the upper body and dodge to the side
    ·Pattern 1. Jodan Tsuki
    ·Pattern 2. Ushiro-Mawashigeri
    ·Pattern 3. Tsuki from behind

7. Doing Keri 40 cm higher than your height

8. Sen Capturing Keri Part 1 -Let the toes run-

9. Sen Capturing Keri Part 2 -Tilt the upper body-

  • Sen Capturing Keri -Tilt the upper body-
  • Keri as a counter

10. Submarine kick -Keri on the Jodan from Chudan Tsuki-

  • Hold each other’s shoulders and do a Mawashigeri
  • Hold on to the opponent’s belt and do a Mawashigeri
  • Submarine kick explanations
  • Submarine kick explanations -Keri on the Jodan from Chudan Tsuki-

11. Rolling the arm guard, Mawashigeri -Neutralizing the guard and ensuring to carry out-

  • Do a Keri from outside the guard
  • Do a Keri from inside the guard

Language: Japanese
Run time: 36 min.

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