Essence of Aikido DVD 2: Arikawa Sadateru

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Lifelong Aikido student and Aikikai HQ instructor, Arikawa Sadateru reached the rank of 9th degree black belt. He's known for his particularly vigorous, even ferocious, style of aikido. This DVD includes both technique instruction, his last demonstration and also an interesting interview with Katsuyuki Kondo discussing Arikawa, Daito Ryu & Aikido.

Arikawa Sadateru profile
Toyosaki Enku Nariyasu profile
Arikawa Sadateru Embu
Technical Commentary
 Morote Dori Kokyu Ho Ura
 Morote Dori Shiho Nage
 Morote Dori Kokyu Ho Omote
 Omote and Ura
 Morote Dori Kokyu Ho Chukan
 Shomen Uchi Kotegaeshi
 Shomen Uchi Kaiten Nage
 Yokomen Uchi Kokyu Nage Omote
 Yokomen Uchi Ikkyo Omote
 Yokomen Uchi Irimi Nage Omote
 Yokomen Uchi Irimi Nage Ura
 Riai of Stick / Chudan Tsuki Kokyu Nage
 Riai of Sword / Shomen Uchi Kokyu Nage
 Katate Dori / Atemi and Kokyu Nage
 Ushiro Ryote Dori / Ikkyo followed by Osae Waza
 Katate Dori Tenkan
 Katate Dori Sumi Otoshi
 Ryote Dori Kokyu Nage
 Shomen Uchi / Ikkyo followed by Kokyu Nage
 Shomen Uchi / Ikkyo followed by Atemi and Sokumen Irimi Nage
 Shomen Uchi / Ikkyo followed by Gedan Kokyu Nage
Kondo Katsuyuki Interview
Arikawa Sadateru Last Demonstration


Language: Japanese with English subtitles
Run time: 126 min.