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Encyclopedia of Goju Ryu Part 3 DVD with Morio Higaonna

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Morio Higaonna was first taught the kata Seiyunchin by his friend, Tsunetaka Shimabukuro. After he joined the dojo of Chogun Miyagi in April 1955, he learned exclusively from An’ichi Miyagi, a senior student of Chojun Miyagi, the Founder of Goju Ryu karate. Clearly this kata was viewed as important by Miyagi Sensei as it was one of those he chose to demonstrate during his research trip to Fuchow, China, in 1915. He also taught it widely during his year long visit to the Hawaii Islands that began in the Spring of 1934 where, it is believed, he felt that Sanchin, the first kata normally taught in Goju Ryu, was too arduous an introduction to his system for students who had not been prepared by strength training and body conditioning.
In the aftermath of WWII, Chojun Miyagi began to rationalise Goju Ryu karate and make it more accessible to the public. Prior to the war students were taught basics, Sanchin, and only one other kata. After the war Miyagi Sensei began to teach the best of his handful of young students as much of his system as he felt they could absorb, for fear it would be lost. An’ichi Miyagi was taught Shisochin personally by Chojun Miyagi, and he, in turn, instructed our author in its intricacies.