Encyclopedia of Goju Ryu Part 1 DVD with Morio Higaonna

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It is impossible to teach the most sophisticated and effective methods of karate to large groups of students, in a quasi-military setting. These "secrets," which are the core of the Goju Ryu system, can only be transmitted from master to student by means of personal instruction for traditional karate's teaching methodology is, and always has been, for the tuition of individuals.

To truly master karate one also needs to receive instruction at a much higher level than the majority of students can ever experience. That is the purpose of this program and those that will follow it - to make available to everyone, individual instruction, at the highest level, from the world's leading exponent of Goju Ryu karate.

Author Morio Higaonna is the student of An'ichi Miyagi, who studied exclusively with the Founder of Goju Ryu karate, Chojun Miyagi. Higaonna Sensei is assisted in this presentation by Instructor Tetsuji Nakamura.

Contents: Junbi Undo-training methods unique to karate for increasing strength & flexibility; Sabaki-effective defensive and offensive movement in karate. Kamae-stances that provide a stable base to fight from.