Effective Guard Passes DVD with Marcello Monteiro

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Marcello C. Monteiro teaches his series of Effective Guard Passes.  He shows how to pass all types of guard including counters for the De La Riva guard, half-guard, butterfly guard, and spider guard.  These techniques are sure to improve your top game and get you passing more consistently.

Marcello demonstrates these techniques in the clear, logical manner that he is known for as an instructor.

Marcello's favorite guard passes are:

    * Driving the knee over the shin to get the side control
    * Matsumoto guard pass countering opponent's scape
    * Countering both legs then underhooking one passing guard ending passing guard ending in side control
    * Countering both legs to get the mount
    * Countering opponent leg attack and stepping over his entire body to side control
    * Standing up to open guard following back again to get top position
    * Explanation of opening guard standing up to achilles control position
    * Countering the De La Riva hook to achilles control and attacking the opponents back
    * Countering the De La Riva hook underhooking the leg and attacking the back
    * Countering the underhook from half guard while passing opponents guard
    * Half guard counter to the underhook hugging the leg and passing guard
    * Guard pass attack to cross knee guard pass control position
    * Cross knee guard pass control position
    * Cross knee control position stepping backwards and passing the guard
    * Crossing the knee guard pass from half guard countering opponents underhook
    * Crossing the knee over the thigh guard pass
    * Crossing the knee over the thigh guard pass to side control