Effective Counterattacks for Jiujitsu DVD by Budo Jake (On Demand)

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Being caught in your opponents submission is generally the worst place you can be. You might be moments away from having to tap from a choke or joint lock. 

Knowing what to do and the precise time to do it can make the difference between tapping and getting the upperhand.

In this instructional, 3rd degree black belt Budo Jake will show you dozens of his favorite attacks and the best ways to counterattack if you find yourself caught in the submission.

Internalize these techniques and you will develop a roadmap, a plan of action when caught in a previously presumed terrible position.

From ankle locks to shoulder locks, from half guard to back control, Jake covers a wide variety of positions and submissions that will surely level up your jiujitsu!


1 Intro
2 Single Leg Takedown
3 Single Leg Tomoenage Counter
4 5 Finger Guillotine
5 Guillotine VF Counter
6 Straight Ankle Lock
7 Straight Ankle Lock Belly Down Finish
8 Straight Ankle Lock Calf Slicer Counter
9 Omoplata
10 Omoplata Ankle Lock Counter
11 Omoplata Knee Exploder
12 Armbar Finishes
13 Armbar Counter to Baseball Choke
14 Armbar Counter to Kneebar
15 RDLR Kiss of the Dragon
16 RDLR Estima Lock Counter
17 Triangle
19 Triangle Crotch Ripper Counter
20 Half Guard Darce
21 Half Guard Darce to Americana
22 Arm Triangle
23 Arm Triangle Solo Drill
24 Arm Triangle Americana Counter
25 Americana From Side
26 Americana Counter with Americana
27 Crucifix Finishes
28 Crucifix Straight Armlock Counter
29 Body Triangle
30 Body Triangle Leglock Counter
31 Body Triangle Wristlock Counter & Outro

Length: 1 hour & 11 min.

Languages: English

About the instructor:

“Budo” Jake McKee is a 3rd degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu under Carlos Gracie Jr and is also a 3rd degree black belt in Aikido. A lifelong martial artist, Jake understands the deep themes of the arts and also the subtle details that makes the techniques work. Jake currently teaches classes at Mamute Jiujitsu in Southern California and regularly teaches seminars around the country including at Grappler’s Retreat.

Customer Reviews

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Kurt Loggins

I bought this on budovideos.tv and got a lot out of it. I get bored of a lot of videos where the guy goes on and on about a minor detail. Jake covers all the important points in an appropriate amount of time. I like it when teachers are clear but succinct. I don't need a 10 minute lecture to tell me to put my hand this way instead of that way lol. I found uses for just about all of the counters that were shown. In particular I liked the omoplata stuff as I like to study that position. Hope you make more videos soon.