Down & Out: MMA Grappling, Clinching, and Takedown Techniques from the Gym to the Cage DVD with Mark Hatmaker.

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Looking for an introduction to MMA training that you can take from the gym into the cage? Don't fall into the trap of cross training. In Down & Out, renowned grappling expert and best-selling author Mark Hatmaker shows you how to mix or match all the major aspects of the MMA game – striking, clinching, takedowns, shooting, ground and pound, and defense – into an integrated, customized training program. Beginning with a single 17-link drill set, Hatmaker unifies defense, submissions, and attacks into a cohesive, no-nonsense fighting skill set. By introducing multiple substitute drills designed to increase your arsenal, Mark then tests your ability to spontaneously roll with any situation on the mat. With the ability to insert alternative drills at any point, you can prevail on the mat, in the cage, or on the street. Whether you're involved in stand-up grappling, submission work, or ground fighting, this video prepares you for everything.
Length: 56 min.