Dog Brothers Martial Arts Vol 1: Power DVD

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This DVD series is aimed at the application side of the Art. Each of the six DVDs in the series focuses on a particular aspect of real fighting skill.

Throughout these DVDs the teaching is illustrated by real fights. These fights are not tournament "full contact stickfighting" pillow fights that you may have seen, but "Real Contact Stickfighting" as done by the recently surfaced underground group "the Dog Brothers". Under Real Contact rules, EVERYTHING short of deliberately putting your opponent in the hospital is allowed - any stick techniques, punching, kickboxing, elbowing, kneeing, headbutting, trapping, throwing, grappling, locking, and choking are all allowed against anywhere on the body. Seeing how the material taught in these tapes is applied in real time will deeply accelerate your learning.

In this spirit, the first DVD starts you with how to develop the indispensable element upon which all others are built--POWER! Fighters like Joe Louis, Mike Tyson and Tommy Hearns were feared because everything they did was based upon the core ability of being able to hit HARD, FAST, and OFTEN--If you want to be a fighter to be reckoned with for real, this tape is where to begin.

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first DVD on stickfighting.

Legendary group, the Dog Brothers present the base of their system in this first DVD on stickfighting.

Dustin Bunnell
A little light on instruction,

A little light on instruction, but boy do these guys go hard!