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The bulk of the footage was shot in the fall of 1988 about 6 months before the founding of the Dog Brothers, at the first national tournament of what was to become known as WEKAF.

(Although they didn't know it at the time, Eric and Marc were on the cusp of creating the Dog Brothers and this was the day that they met Arlan Sanford who has traveled the path with them ever since. Apart from the main value of this DVD it also is a good look at what options they were facing at that time in their search for truth. )

As most of you already know, different men and different groups in the FMA have not always gotten along in the past and this day was special in that a strong call for unity for the common good had gone out and in great part was heeded. We were quite fortunate to find so many luminaries of the American FMA world in one room on a day when we had a professional camera. Where possible we have included footage of these men in action. There is also additional footage from their archives.

In our conversion to DVD we have added a 30 minute piece on GM Leo Giron built around an in depth interview Guro Crafty did with him is his basement training hall in Stockton in 1991. Editor Ron "Night Owl" Gabriel has blended in exceedingly rare footage of the famed Bolo Battalions training, and rare WW2 footage to produce, in our opinion, a powerful piece that really communicates what this Art is about!


GM Diony Canete
Manong Sam Tendencia- plus footage
GM Ben Largusa-plus footage of GM Floro Villabrille and Largusa-Villabrille demo team
Guro Narrie Babao
GM Angel Cabales-plus footage
GM Leo Giron-plus footage Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje-plus footage

Additional action footage:

Punong Guro Edgar Sulite (very rare)
Guro Dan Inosanto
Manong Juanito LaCoste

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Christophe CORNAZ


Joe's Review
Good historical DVD

I got the Sonny Umpad DVD before this one which left me spoiled. This one is mostly interviews at a tournament. As a part of FMA history it's interesting, but this would not be my first DBMA recommendation to people.