Dog Brothers: Cycle Drills DVD

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In "Combining Stick & Footwork" and "Attacking Blocks" we covered core ideas about protecting the head and countering both with linear and angular footwork (the Snaggletooth and the Diamond).

In this DVD we turn to using these ideas and many new ones in the context of the footwork of "lower canines" (inside and outside male) triangles as well. The lower canine triangles are ideal for both probing attacks (if successful, continue the attack and if not, break off) and for countering aggressive linear attacks. To train these ideas Guro Benjamin "Lonely Dog" Rittiner (Guro Crafty's top student and a very highly regarded fighter) shows us the "DBMA Cycle Drills". These drills will teach you:

to counter using half beats
to use explosive footwork
to develop power
to install a solid head protection
to have a feel for the right distance

As develop the feel for the basic "generator" then Guro Lonely Dog shows how to:

Attack different targets with different angles
Kick after a counter attack
Crash, clinch and take him down
Attack after a side step
Play with rhythm so as to be able to time your opponent.
"As always with DBMA, if you see it taught, you see it fought.

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Great DVD for developing your stick coordination

Great DVD for developing your stick coordination