Fusion of Daito-ryu Matsuda Den & Sagawa Den DVD 1: Basics with Yoichi Shiosaka

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The essence of Daito Ryu, beyond schools and groups!
What is the essence of "Aiki" that was left by Sokaku Takeda, the founder of Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu. One of the answers is is explained by Yoichi Shiosaka, who has trained in multiple Aiki martial arts in two volumes. 


In the first volume, the basics, we will learn basic aiki techniques from the viewpoint of "disappearing power", "slimming the body" and "change depending on the situation".


-Point 1: Strengthen your body with skills
-Point 2: Rehearsal according to position
-Point 3: Focusing on your finger and train your wrist
-Point 4: Wrench body method 
-Point 5: From female martial arts
-Point 6: Matsuda Den


Language: Japanese 

Run Time: 59 min.