CSW Essentials 5 DVD Set by Erik Paulson

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Are you tired of fast-forwarding and rewinding your favorite MMA instructional videos to find the one technique you want to learn? Are you sick of seeing the same slow-motion breakdown of the technique over and over again? Do you wish there would be less talk and more technique? Well the wait is over.

With Erik's new 5-DVD set, "The CSW Essentials Series," you will be able to access exactly the technique you want to learn in just seconds. Here's what you will get in this series:

DVD 1: Takedowns off the Punch- Erik will teach you how to take your opponent to the ground fast. In this DVD, Erik demonstrates effective and proven entries and takedowns off of the jab, cross, and hook, as well as methods to set-up your shot and the valuable drills to improve your transitioning skills.

DVD 2: The Plumm- The Plumm is arguably the most overlooked part of fight training - but no longer. Erik shows you how to work from this vital position - covering head control grips, transitionary positions in the plumm, striking from the plumm, and escapes.

DVD 3: Pummeling- As Erik says, "If you aren't pummeling, you aren't grappling." In this DVD you learn the essence of grappling, as Erik shows how effective pummeling will help you control your opponent without being controlled. Erik breaks down pummeling to its critical core: head, neck, chest, bicep, wrist, and leg pummeling, along with essential pummeling drills to improve your skills.

DVD 4: Vale Tudo Guard Passes- It doesn't matter how good your stand-up is, you will inevitably find yourself in your opponent's guard - and you need to be prepared to get out as quickly as possible. In this DVD, Erik outlines a complete arsenal of passes that you can integrate into your ground game.

DVD 5: Attacks from Position- This DVD focuses on how to attack your opponent from every possible position. Erik covers how to integrate, apply, and transition your attacks using the v-armlock, straight armlock, and fist choke. This DVD is loaded with not only the mechanics of technique, but how positioning and transitioning can setup the attacks that will end your fights.

This DVD set is the one you've been waiting for: a complete set of accessible, well-explained, ESSENTIAL mixed martial arts techniques shot in high quality digital video and demonstrated by one of the best MMA instructors in the world.

Customer Reviews

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Benjamin Gash
This set is excellent

This set is excellent! While discs 4+5 are merely good, the first 3 are outstanding. The pummelling DVD is worth the price by itself, and the plumm DVD is pure gold. Simply one of the best available for clinching in MMA, combining Muay Thai, Greco and Judo approaches seamlessly. The picture quality is excellent, and Paulson's instruction is clear and interesting. His experience shines through, and everything makes perfect sense.