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The Heisen Guard by Malachy Friedman (On Demand)

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Heisen Guard is restyling the way we play Guard. Just proves that Malachy is one of the more creative minds of this generation.  Jiu Jitsu scientist. - Ricardo Liborio

Welcome to the Heisen Guard! Malachy Friedman, creator of the Darce Killer & Flower Power, has created a revolutionary concept guard that will totally change the way you play and recover any old school or modern guard. 

The Heisen Guard works in so many applications and opens such abundant possibilities that it is introduced in parts, beginning with “Entries & Attacks.”

Malachy Friedman gives in depth, step-by-step instruction of this radical concept which will make you rethink your entire guard. So jump on the Heisen Guard quick before your training partner or opponent wrecks you with it! 

Why is it called the Heisen Guard? Because it’s the newest, bluest guard on the market and once you try it, there’s no getting off of it. Part 2? Don’t worry, that’s cooking in the lab now for you soon to be Heisen guard addicts.


 1 Intro

2 Closed guard entry
3 Heisenberg sweep
4 Heisen Guard entries
5 Half guard entry
6 Scissor sweep entry
7 Omoplata entry
8 Arm bar stack
9 Heisen to triangle
10 Heisen to arm bar
11 Heisen to back take
12 Heisen to baratoplata
13 De la Riva entry 
14 Failed triangle to Heisen
15 Reverse De la Riva
16 Single Leg X guard
17 X guard to knee bar
18 Trouble shooting no leg
19 Trouble shooting no arm
20 Heisen Guard outro

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