Comprehensive Applications of Shaolin Chin Na—Practical defense of Chinese Seizing Arts for All Martial Styles Book by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming

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Quite a few books have been published on the subject of Chin Na (Qin Na), the proven seizing techniques of Chinese martial arts. However, most books focus on the introduction of techniques themselves, and contain very little or no discussion on application in actual combat situations. This seizing art has thus been confined to stage performances instead of real combat use.

Although Dr. Yang has published other Chin Na books, both fundamental and advanced texts, he believes this work is necessary in order to make this art more complete and alive. Therefore, in addition to introducing many new techniques, this book is also laid out according to actual combat scenarios - for example, application of Chin Na when your opponent punches, grabs, kicks or attacks with a knife.

About the Author

Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming started his Gongfu training at the age of 15 under the Shaolin White Crane Master Cheng, Gin Gsao. Dr. Yang became an expert in the White Crane style of Chinese martial arts. With the same master he also studied Qin Na, Tui Na and Dian Xue massages, and herbal treatment.

At the age of 16, Dr. Yang began the study of Taijiquan under Master Kao, Tao. Dr. Yang's tai chi can be traced back to the Yang family through Master Kao's teacher Yue, Huanzhi, an indoor disciple of Yang, Chengfu.

After learning from Master Kao, Dr. Yang continued his study and research of Taijiquan. Dr. Yang has mastered the Taiji barehand sequence, pushing hands, the two-man fighting sequence, Taiji sword, Taiji saber, and Taiji Qigong.

Dr. Yang has been involved in Chinese Gongfu since 1961. During this time, he has spent 13 years learning Shaolin White Crane, Shaolin Long Fist, and Taijiquan. Dr. Yang has more than thirty years of instructional experience.

448 pages

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    r. mooney
    This book is what it says it is. Very Comprehensive!

    When Master Yang came out with his first Qinna (Chin Na) book (Shaolin Chin Na, Unique Publications 1980), it opened the method to a wider audience than those engaged in Joint Lock heavy Chinese martial arts such as Hung Gar, Crane Style, Tiger Style, Eagle Claw (Ying Jow Pai), as well as the various forms of Taijiquan. This very thick book breaks down General Concepts, Use of Qin Na against barehand attacks, various blocking actions, like inward, outward, upward & downward. Then it goes into Qin Na against kicks, knife attacks, grabs to many parts of the body, and then into offensive Qin Na techniques. He covers Anatomy and Physiology, Range of Motion of Joints, and also gets into some pressure point techniques to be used along with the specific Qin Na methods. He also discusses, but not too deeply, the adjunct methods of Sealing the Breath, Sealing the Vein/Artery, and also Cavity Press. Excellent volume, and I also recommend his in depth dvds on the subject of Qin Na as well.