Complete Rumina Sato 10th Anniversary DVD

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This DVD celebrates the 10 year career of one of MMA's most charismatic fighters, Rumina Sato. From the early days of Combat Wrestling, Vale Tudo Japan and through his entire Shooto career, see exciting matches with Caol Uno, Takanori Gomi, Takumi Nakayama, Joachim Hansen, John Lewis, Yves Edwards and many more!

Rumina Sato is known for his lighting fast submissions and charismatic ring presence. He ended some fights by submission in only a few seconds! This exciting DVD is a must for all MMA fans! Over 4 hours of fighting!

Featured Fights include:


11.7.1994 - vs. Michael McAuliffe

6.4.1995 - vs. Katsuyoshi Yano

7.29.1995 - vs. Ron Balicki

9.26.1995 - vs. Isamu Osugi

1.20.1996 - vs. Masato Suzuki

3.5.1996 - vs. Kyuhe

1.18.1997 - vs. Ricardo Botelho

4.6.1997 - vs. Ali Mihoubi

8.27.1997 - vs. Alan Freid

10.12.1997 - vs. Muarice Cory

3.1.1998 - vs. Joel Gerson

4.26.1998 - vs. Micael Buell

1.15.1999 - vs. Charles Taylor

5.29.1999 - vs. Kaoru (Caol) Uno

10.29.1999 - vs. Phil Jones

4.15.2000 - vs. Yves Edwards

8.27.2000 - vs. Takuya Kuwabara

12.17.2000 - vs. Kaoru (Caol) Uno

8.26.2001 - vs. Marcio Barbosa

12.16.2001 - vs. Takanori Gomi

6.29.2002 - vs. Javier Vasquez

11.15.2002 - vs. Takumi Nakayama

3.18.2003 - vs. Joachim Hansen

6.27.2003 - vs. Ryan Ackerman

12.14.2003 - vs. Alexandre Franca Nogueira

5.3.2004 - vs. Erikas Petraitis

7.9.2004 - vs. Bao Quach


Vale Tudo Japan

7.7.1996 - vs. John Lewis

11.29.1997 - vs. John Lewis

10.25.1998 - vs. Andre Pederneiras

12.11.1999 - vs. Rafael Cordeiro


Combat Wrestling Challenge

Rumina shares his sotry of why he decided to compete in Combat wrestling. Includes early Combat Wrestling footage.


Language: Japanese

Length: 240 min.


Rumina's Early Years

Contains early footage of Rumina prior to his professional debut.


Language: Japanese