Combat Sambo 6 DVD Set by Igor Yakimov

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If you want a sport technique library; this video series is not it!

If you want to learn why Russian are reknowned as some of the toughest fighters in the worls and learn the same techniques trained and used by Russian Military this is it.

For the first time ever the devastating style of Russian fighting known as "Combat Sambo" is revealed to the public. This tapes breaks down the system of combat used by the russian military and police forces. These series of videos reveal Russian Combat Sambo like never before. Each of the videos breaks down a specific portion of this unique fighting system

What Igor did for Russian Judo, Leglocks, Throws, and Armbars, he now does for Combat. Each tapes offers a new series of skills and techniques to be used to defend yourself.

DVD 1: Russian Exercises and Warm-Ups
DVD 2: Basic Striking Technique
DVD 3: Defense against Strikes, and Counter Attacks
DVD 4: Escapes from Grabs and Holds, Counter Attacks
DVD 5: Defense Against Knife and Handgun
DVD 6: Defense against Bayonet, Stick, and use of Makeshift Weapons

Customer Reviews

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Steven McCarthy
Good set

I have only gone through the first 2 DVD. Started the third. Pretty comprehensive set. Good way to augment a beginner journey in Sambo, Combat or sport. Two thumbs up.

Igor Yakamov Combat sambo

Great stuff! Wife got me this as an early birthday gift and I could not be happier. Tons of savage stuff

Very comprehensive.

There is plenty to work on here. Strikes, kicks, joint locks throws, weapon disarms, dirty tricks, improvised weapons...a great set for the student of combatives.

Christopher Cruz
Good DVD.

Good DVD. Good, practical techniques without the b.s.

Matthew Dyck
Great stuff without the fluff!

Great stuff without the fluff!