Combat Ninjutsu DVD by Richard Van Donk

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(Short weighted chain) - The Kusari Fundo is one of the most versatile weapons ever designed by man. It is fast, quick and very deadly even from concealed places.

Be extremely careful with a real one as bone will shatter in an instant.

In this dvd you will learn how to handle a kusari fundo, how to do various strikes with it, grapple, choke or simply tie up your opponent.

Also learn bone attacks, pressure points and even defenses against knife attackers plus a short, live demonstration of its possibilities. Others have copied the information on this dvd but no one does it better than Shihan Richard Van Donk!

60 min.

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Mark Duffy
Combat Ninjutsu

Actually something special for those who want to learn more about Ninjutsu. Shihan R
J Donk no's his what he is doing.