Combat Hapkido DVD by John Pellegrini.

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The Great Teacher John Pellegrini, only American whom 9º Dan de Hapkido in Korea shows, 8º Dan in Taekwondo and certified instructor of Aikido and Jeet Kune Do, is the to founder of the Combat Hapkido. To direct, forceful and modern style with to novel technical exposition like the low kicks, the strong blockades, the static positions, the points of pressure, or the legal aspect. In this video, the Pellegrini Teacher shows the techniques of Self-defense with the uses of keys joints, trapping, points of pressure and disarmaments to U.S. in front of blunt weapons, knives and firearms. Medical An excellent work that will make the delights of the instructors interested in the realistic you formulate of the combat.


Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French