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Classic Judo Vol 1-3 (3 DVD Set)

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In the "Classic Judo” Series, Hal Sharp has captured the history of Judo with extremely rare footage featuring the legends of the art. This re-mastered and fully revised series, brings you the “Titans of Kodokan” as never-seen-before. It is an absolute treasure for anyone interested in the history of Japanese Judo and Budo. Each volume is presented in an organized format with the legendary Judo masters showing you their favorite techniques and the intricate details of how and why they work. You will learn directly from the best Judo master in history. This DVD series is guaranteed to take your Judo skills to an all-new level of understanding and ability.

DVD 1: Classic Judo Masters (103 min), includes 47 senseis and shows the great Judo legends like Kotani, Ishikawa, Mifune, and many others. These are the men who were considered the "proteges" of Grandmaster Kano. This footage has never been seen by the public since it was shot over 60 years ago in Japan. Author Hal Sharp recounts stories of each master from his own experience.
1. Prologue
2. Kodokan
3. Children novices & women
4. 10th dan senseis
5. Other  great teachers
6. All-Japan champions
7. Other competitors
DVD 2: Classic Judo by the Masters (68 min), brings back to life the names like Kobayashi, Yoda, Ichijima, Samura, Tokuyama, Otaki, etc. Names that would have been forgotten but that Hal Sharp has recovered in this DVD capturing the history of Judo
1. Kobayashi
2. Ichijima
3. Kotani
4. Otaki
5. Yoda
6. Samura
7. Tokuyama
DVD 3: Classic Judo Katas (72 min), shows grandmasters of Kodokan demonstrate the katas of Judo before there was Judo, when it was still called Jiu-jitsu. You will learn and understand randori kata's nage-no-kata (throwing forms), Itsutsu-no-kata (forms of five), Ju-no-kata (forms of gentleness), Self Defense kata's like Koshiki-no-kata, Kime-no-kata, and Taiho Jutsu plus Goshin Jutsu or Modern self defense.
1. History
2. Kobudo kata
3. Nage no kata
4. Katame no kata
5. Ju no kata
6. Itsutsu no kata
7. Kime no kata
8. Tomiki Aikido
9. Taiho jutsu
10. Goshin jutsu