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Chen Tai Chi for Beginners: 56 Form DVD by Chenhan Yang

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In this program, Master Chenhan Yang teaches you the standard Chen-style 56-movement form, with step-by-step instructions explaining the purpose of each movement. Chen tai chi is one of the most popular tai chi styles in the world, and it is practiced by millions of people every day. The movements still possess their martial arts roots but are often practiced slowly as a form of gentle whole-body exercise.

  • Tai chi instruction with front and rear views and multiple angles
  • Low-impact whole-body movements; good for all fitness levels
  • Popular 56-form for demonstrations and tournaments

Tai chi relaxes the mind and body deeply, a key to maintaining and improving health. Your natural healing abilities are most effective when you are calm and centered. Regular practice can benefit your strength, flexibility, bone density, and muscle mass. The low-impact exercise has been shown to improve symptoms of depression and insomnia and promote the healing of chronic conditions. Tai chi is an excellent way to relieve stress, lower your blood pressure, and develop a positive attitude toward life.

Tai chi will increase your circulation, resulting in improved vitality and longevity, and it will develop your mind’s alertness, awareness, and concentration. Most importantly, as you practice, pay attention to the feeling within the movements, so you may appreciate the profound essence of tai chi chuan.

For beginners: this is the best form to begin learning the original family-style of Tai Chi Chuan, which can be traced back to the 13th century.

For experienced: Learning Chen-style Tai Chi will greatly enhance your martial art understanding of Tai Chi Chuan. The "eight energies and five steppings" shine through in Master Chenhan’s teaching and demonstration, and these essential principles can be applied in all fighting styles.

Length: 170 min.