Bulgarian Prodigy: Valeri Dimitrov Techniques DVD

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Valeri's Special Techniques
Punch Techniques
Hitting Point
Straight Punch
Shita Zuki
Kagi Zuki
Combination No.1
Combination No.2
Combination No.3
Counter against the Punch
Counter against the Kick
Close Fight
Various Types of Opponents
Valeri kick

Valeri's Fighting History
2001 The 4th Fukuoka Prefecture Championship
 vs Mori Kenta
 vs Yoshida Tomikazu
2002 Europe Championship in Hungary
 vs Donatas Imbras
 vs Benno Rasmussen
2002 The 1st Fukuoka International Championship
 vs Roman Nesterenko
 vs Osaka Yuichiro
2003 European Championship in Lithuania
 vs Muzaffer Bacak
2003 The 8th World Championship
 vs Tsukamoto Norichika
 vs Osaka Yuichiro
2005 The 3rd World Cup
 vs Sato Yoshitaka
 vs Alexey Leonov
2007 The 9th World Championship
 vs Tsukagoshi Takayuki
2008 European Championship in Bulgaria
 vs Adrian Ferent
 vs Serhly Hnes
 vs Tomas Vik
 vs Darius Gudauskas
 vs Mindaugas Pavilionis


Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Run time: 154 min.