Bujinkan Budo Densho Book 7: Takagi Yoshin Ryu by Carsten Kuhn

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This book covers the most important techniques of the Takagi Yôshin Ryû, particular the part of jûtaijutsu:

Shoden no Kata Otomo Waza,
Shoden no Kata Ura Waza,
Shoden no Eri Jime Gata,
Chûden no Sabaki Gata,
Chûden no Tai no Kata,
Mutô Dori Gata,
Daishô Sabaki Gata,
Okuden no Kata Shirabe Gata
Okuden no Kata Moguri Gata


Language: English

280 pages

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great resource!

Excellent manual for school specific training. Workmanship on materials are very pleasing. Some of the drawings lack in detail but if you have some knowledge of the art and with the written instruction provided it is not hard to decipher. Now the shipping took two weeks (USPS) but what do you expect from USPS. When I reached out to Budovideos they promptly replied with great customer service. Thanx Budovideos!

Great Book!

Very good training manual and collection!

Steven Napoletan
Excellent Reference

Sometimes the illustrations are a bit nebulous, but the instruction are good. These books really assist you in knowing the katas associated with a particular ryu. One can do research from this comprehensive manual.

Best book out there!

Free shipping took around 1 week, perfect clean new book came with plastic wrap,
I'm very happy with this collection! Thanks budovideos.com!

Thank you for the review!