Bujinkan Budo Densho Book 1: Gyokko Ryu by Carsten Kuhn

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This “modern” Densho should primarily be regarded as basic manual for daily training. The feature of this book is that the individual motion sequences are shown by means of illustrations in order to focus on the performance of the individual techniques and Kata. Concise explanations are completing this work which describes the most important unarmed forms of movement of the Gyokko Ryû: Mutô Taijutsu Shôshingsha no Kata, Kihon Happô, Sanshin no Kata, Joyaku no Maki, Churyaku no Maki, Geryaku no Maki.

Language: English

120 pages

Customer Reviews

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Jonin Vernon
Excellent addition to the Bujinkan library.

Make the purchase, enough said.

Basilio Concepcion Vega
Essential Knowledge for All Bujinkan Ranks

Clear pictures with great translation. Vital for lifelong training. Recommend for those in Bujinkan.

cyril doyle

Excellent service and layout of the book is very well done.