Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Complete Techniques DVD Vol 3 by Yuki Nakai

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In this 3rd volume of a 3 DVD set, head Paraestra instructor Yuki Nakai teaches the following techniques:

Chapter 1: Attacks from top position
-Elbow lock from side control
-Armbar using chest from side control
-Armbar using leg from side control
-Yuki Nakai's baseball choke
-Triangle choke from mount

Chapter 2: Guard passing
-Essence of guard passing

Chapter 3: Leg locks
-Guard pass to reverse half guard kneebar
-Achilles lock
-Defending the achilles lock
-Toehold and toehold defense

Chapter 4: Attacking from sprawl position
-Rolling whizzer armlock
-Collar choke

Chapter 5: Attacking from the back
-Back escape
-Armbar from the back

Chapter 6: Attacking the turtle position
-Sweep to mount
-Sweep to collar choke

Chapter 7: Spiral Guard
-Spiral guard

Chapter 8: Attacking from the bottom
-Single leg sweep
-Guard pass counter sweep
-Essence of half guard & X-guard sweeps
-Butterfly guard sweep
-Armlock using knee
-Guard pass counter komlock

Chapter 9: Omo Plata
-Advanced omo plata variations
-Omo plata escape 1
-Omo plata escape 2

Bonus Feature: Paraestra special techniques
-Takedowns by Jiro Wakabayashi
-Achilles lock variations
-Choke to Americana from mount by Taisuke Hangai
-Spiral guard defense to helicopter sweep by Yukinori Sasa
-Spiral guard kneebar by Yukinori Sasa
-Half guard sweep by Taisuke Hangai

Language: Japanese

Length: 134 min.


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Erick Moreno Garcia
Ten stars out of five.

Ten stars out of five. This little guy surely know his stuff. Even if you do not speak japanese the techniques are so greatly done you get the picture in no time. Highly recommended.