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American Kenpo DVD by Dave Kovar

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Shihan Kovar is the head instructor of Kovars Family Martial Arts Centers Inc. He has been teaching karate since he was 15 years old and currently holds Black Belts in 6 different styles of Martial Arts. Over the years Dave has developed a unique method of teaching that has earned him the distinction of being the Instructor of the Year in 1992 from the United States Martial Arts Centers (an association of over 1,300 schools in the United States and Canada).  Dave's teaching techniques give the instructor the unique ability to help students improve their existing skills while increasing their confidence, discipline and respect. In this DVD he shows the double fist combinations, interactive sequences of progressive self-defense, “Kenpo 6” or exercises with partners and of pressure points techniques. An indomitable spirit in the search of the excellence, that already has obtained magnificent results.
Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French