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Black Magic Closed Guard DVD by Dan Covel

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Coach and competitor, Dan Covel lets you in on his secrets to perfecting an aggressive closed guard game.  This instructional will dispel the myth that the close guard is a stalling position. ARMBARS... SWEEPS... BACKTAKES... Dan teaches you how to obtain all of these positions with expert precision and from multiple angles. Don't miss out on this unorthodox approach to a traditional position.


  1. Intro
  2. Drill
  3. Armbar
  4. Armlock Reversal
  5. Inverted Armlock
  6. Secondary Armlock
  7. Armlock Vs Low Stack
  8. Armlock Vs Running Opponent
  9. Secondary Armlock #2
  10. Triangle
  11. Inverted Armlock #2
  12. Belt Grip Armbar
  13. Double Attack Kimura / Triangle
  14. Knock Over Armbar
  15. Farside Armbar
  16. Americana Trap
  17. Vs. Sao Paulo Pass
  18. Armlock / Back Take
  19. Throw Off Back Take
  20. Double Armlock
  21. Head Trap Sweep

Customer Reviews

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Scott Davis
New approach to an old position.

Dan Covel has a very innovative twist to the closed guard. I learned a lot from this DVD.

Deleted user